Association for Community Counseling
Events & Fundraising
Dear Friends,

We are all volunteers.

We come from many backgrounds.

We are committed to helping others in a therapeutic environment.

We are non-profit and do not get paid anything. We charge nothing - or very little - to our clients.

In recent years, there were over 260,000 adults with mental disorders in Palm Beach County, or over 26 percent of the adult population. Many of these people could not afford treatment. With our present economic turbulence and the decline in social services, this number continues to rise.

For 21 years, the Association for Community Counseling has stepped in to fill the gap in Palm Beach County. We have helped thousands of people who could not afford therapy. To continue serving the community, we need your support, your dollars.

We have a major fund-raising event each year. It is not nearly enough. We have a very small reservoir of funding, but it will not last forever.

We serve the Palm Beach County community. We, along with other non-profits, are struggling. Please, open your heart with a donation of whatever you can afford.

Your donation will live on in the mental health of those we serve.


The Association for Community Counseling.

We would be delighted to have you join us at our next luncheon
on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at Benvenuto's.

For more information, please call 561-638-0908.

Please check back soon for more information on our 2019 luncheon.

To find out more about the Association, call 561-638-0908.
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